breakfast vs. capitalism

alfredo-pangeaI hate my grocery store.  But I shop there anyway for three very important reasons:

i)I hate shopping and it allows t. and me to buy pretty much everything we need in one place

ii) It’s the cheapest grocery store in town.

iii)Self check-out.

I hate it for these reasons:

i) Often they have a very poor selection of produce and shelf items,particularly on Sundays, and one time they were out of sugar. This is so unthinkable for a giant grocery store chain in North America that the manager I complained to didn’t believe me. 

ii) The other people that shop there are intolerable, aisle blocking, cart abandoning, slow-walking yocals or students who only by the grace of grocery gods don’t constantly run into one another.

iii)The Real Canadian Superstore only exists so that Loblaw, which I always thought was Loblaws, could open more grocery stores but not support more employee unions.

iv) They constantly introduce delicious new President’s Choice products at low low prices that they don’t tell you are low low prices until you cannot live without them, and then they jack up the price.  Like my new fav breakfast cereal: On Track Protein +

It’s a delicious healthy cereal.  It has whole wheat and rice flakes, bran, and soy protein bits. It has lots of fibre, good quality protein, and a hint of honey. In short, it was my very favourite breakfast, particularly since I’ve started eating healthier (ie. going on a diet to try and reverse the post-election beer-pizza-reese -peanut- butter- cup binge).  And it cost $4.79 for a 700g box.

So yesterday we went to the grocery store where I found my fav breakfast cereal being sold for $5.99 !! Now, two months ago this wouldn’t have phased me, but now, we’re broke and I don’t have a job lined up.

As t. pointed out quite brilliantly to me the other day, one of the problems with Marx was that he claimed that the only injustice of capitalism comes from  the labour value theory of goods production, when in actuality there are so many more capitalist relations that put all the power in the hands of the owner of production/goods to the detriment of others.  For instance, when a company can sell you something for $4.79, but decides to increase the price by more than a dollar per unit once it’s selling well.

I chose to buy oatmeal instead because it is cheap and quite healthy.  I had always believed that I hated oatmeal.  Mostly because I hate hot cereal for the following reason:

When I was young, I was babysitted by a neighbour whose whole family lived under the tyrannous rule that if you are fed something you don’t like, you have to eat it anyway.  I sat at their dinner table one night in front of a plate of liver until bedtime.  Then one morning, they fed me cream of wheat which I felt was the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen in a bowl.  But fearful that I would have to sit at the basement coffee table all the way through reading buddy day at school until I finished it, I ate it anyway.  Being a stubborn child however, I detested every choking bite to the point that half-way through I barfed what I had eaten back into the bowl, which no one saw.  Then my babysitter came downstairs and believed that I had not eaten any of my cream of wheat, as it looks pretty much the same post-gastral,  and forced me to eat a bowl of barfed up cream of wheat.

So I ate four bites of oatmeal.  Gross.  

My babysitter and capitalists like Galon Weston have ruined breakfast for me, forever.





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2 responses to “breakfast vs. capitalism

  1. Tyler

    You disgust me.

    I think the whole world would have become communist already if Marx had written about the horrors of eating oatmeal barf instead of the oppressive conditions of industrial production.

  2. kerry

    I fucking love On Track! When I was in London Ontario in the summer and went to the superstore with my mom, I used to get it all the time, but I initially got when it was super cheap and am furious at how expensive it is!
    and obviously grossed out about barf and still, as always, mad at capitalism.

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