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wooly bully.

wool hanging on the wall.  wool hanging on the wall

The other day,my mother-in-law gave me some beautiful hand-spun naturally dyed wool she made  that is now older than my old man.  It is gorgeous yarn in beautiful colours and is well documented textile experimentation:  I now have a general idea of how certain natural dyes look and a bunch of yarn to keep my idle hands away from the  devil’s work.

Each bundle of yarn was labeled with a hand written note of the organic matter used in the process and stuck through with a straight pin.  The notes read things like ‘hickory husks, which made a beautiful gray-green, and ‘black current berries’, which made the deepest Van Gogh blue. 

in the beginning, there were several rows completed.


My step dad taught me to knit many years ago and now I’m muddling through my  seventh-or-so scarf.  My tendencies to drop a stitch every 9th or 10th row and poor technique in changing colours are forgiven by the beautiful rustic wool. I restarted several times and am learning that those things they animate about cats and yarn are true. 

Still, the act of creating something from raw materials is empowering and satisfying. I feel assured that when the revolution comes, I will be able to knit my family warm scarves, as long as my mother-in-law is there to make the wool.  More important then the ‘revolution’ in my head though, with times as they are, what is painfully obvious to me is that we cannot consume the way we are used to consuming. 

Brown-bag lunches are really just the minimum of what any conscientious consumer of the new socio-econ-eco reality can start to do to begin the process of reimagining cycles of production, goods, consuming, wearing,and using.  I think the future of personal goods production is going to find its way back into the home as we increasingly turn to secondary economies and new/old ways of being consumers. Picking up skills like sewing, knitting(etc.) and mending help in the creation, reusing, and longevity of clothing that sticks it to the man, in a good way.

In this spirit, I have decided to have a contest to give away the scarf I am making as there are only so many necks in my family and I am excited to interact with readers through a contest.  Somewhat unrelatedly,  the contest is to email me (a.g.bushfield at gmail) or comment with websites you read everyday and I will pick my fav and the person who recommended it first will get the scarf!

And this is my other cat who was especially photogenic today. ❤

oo-wee-oo, his name is buddy holly. meow.

oo-wee-oo, his name is buddy holly. meow.


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